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Bash Dibra has been involved in dog training and writing pet training books for over 30 years which help pet owners address dog problems and cat problems. His books and dog training video incorporate humane pet training and promote responsible pet ownership methods.

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Books on pet obedience in New York City Videos By Bash Books on pet obedience in New York City Books on pet obedience in New York City
Books on pet obedience in New York City Books on pet obedience in New York City Books on pet obedience in New York City

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Star Pet

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One of the most famous animal trainers in the country shows how anyone can turn their beloved pet into a disciplined, well-behaved superstar.

When Hollywood stars need to train their pets, they call Bash Ditbra. He's taught good manners to dogs owned by Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. Even Rags, the canine star of Spin City, owes his fame to the coaching of Bash. In this book, he offers readers the same training tips he gives to celebrity clients. Presenting simple techniques adapted from his StarPet Workshops, the author makes it possible to turn the laziest hound dog into a companion who will sit up and beg, roll over and play dead, carry objects, and speak on cue. With simple, easy-to-follow instructions for t1rstytime owners, StarPet is the key to teaching four-legged friends how to behave just like the prime-time pooches and felicitous felines that Bash works with for network television.

Bash Dibra is the author of five bestselling books on responsible pet ownership and has made appearances on countless television shows. His own pets are celebrities themselves, featured in motion pictures, television commercials. and print ads.

Teach Your Dog To Behave ( VHS or DVD Video )

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$24.95 VHS

$29.95 DVD

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"Teach Your Dog to Behave" is the visual companion to legendary trainer Bash Dibra's classic books. In this easy-to-follow video, Bash shows dog owners, step by simple step, how to use his revolutionary techniques to teach their own pets to behave, and reveals to dog owners everywhere the professional secrets that make him pet guru to the some of the world's most celebrated superstars, including Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Using the "Three P's" - Patience, Persistence and Praise - Dibra demonstrates how proper training can transform bad habits into good behavior. There are concise instructions on correcting irritating behaviors such as Aggression, Lunging, Pulling or Begging. And Bash's easy housebreaking techniques can turn a puddlesome puppy into a perfectly housebroken pet within a week!

Bash Dibra developed his unique training techniques from his amazing work with a pet wolf. Now he can show you how to become the Alpha leader of your pack - a leader your dog will be eager to please!

Teach Your Dog To Behave ( Book )

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A treasury of can't-miss secrets from a top trainer, this is an indispensable resource for all dog owners who want their pets to be as well behaved as they are loved.

  • A diagnosis and treatment plan for more than 300 common dog behavior problems
  • How to use positive reinforcement to ensure pleasurable and productive training sessions
  • Over 100 highlighted and illustrated tips, facts, definitions, and useful insights
  • Can't-fail tips for tough challenges like brushing your dog's teeth and putting medicine in an uncooperative pooch's ears
  • Special advice for owners of puppies and aging dogs
  • Expert advice on correcting obsessive licking, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, drinking out of the toilet bowl, fighting with other pets, chewing the furniture-and other unwanted dog behavior
  • All in easy-to-use A-to-Z format

Your Dream Dog

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Item # YDD-HC
Hard Cover

Item # YDD-PB
$13.95 Paperback

Advice on how and where to acquire a healthy dog. Includes detailed descriptions of 170 dog breeds, tips on how to match a dog's needs with an owner's life style, and hints on how to acquire a healthy dog, whether it is a pure bred, a mixed breed or a mutt.

In Your Dream Dog, Bash explores:

  • How to match the dog's needs with the owner's lifestyle and living space.
  • Complete physical and personality descriptions for 140 recognized breeds with photographs.
  • How to chose the perfect companion and move from puppy love to a happy, log term relationship with the dog of your dreams.

In his warm, engaging style, and including many personal anecdotes, Bash explains why finding the right dog for your lifestyle is so important for the happiness of both pet and owner. Let Bash help you chose the perfect canine companion and move from puppy love to happy long term relationship with your dream dog.

Bash Dibra , organizer of such events as Paws Across America, is the recipient of the New York State Humane Association Award and the New York City Veterinary Medical Association's Unsung Hero Award. A consultant to many organizations, he is also a trainer who has provided services to Martin Scorsese, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, and other celebrities. Bash is a member of the Bronx County Kennel Club, the Queensboro Kennel Club and the Saw Mill Kennel Club, as well as the Animal Behavior Society, the ASPCA, Bide-a-wee, the Humane Society of New York , and the New York State Humane Association. He lives in New York with six dogs, four cats, and a bird.

Elizabeth Randolph, a former pet care columnist for Family Circle magazine, is the author of more than a dozen books about pets and their care, including ( with Bash Dibra ) Dog Training by Bash, Teach Your Dog To Behave and CatSpeak. She Lives in suburban New York with a Norwich terrier and two British shorthairs.

Kitty Brown is a writer and pet columnist whose work has appeared in USA Today, Forbes, Ms. Magazine, American Kennel Club Gazette, Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly.

Cat Speak

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Item # CATS-HC
Hard Cover

Item # CATS-PB

A world-famous animal trainer teaches cat owners how to communicate with their cats.

Cats are intelligent and reasonable animals, capable of enormous affection and loyalty and willing to cooperate with their owners-if asked to do so in a polite manner. With dogs, one commands; with cats, one suggests. Knowing which "suggestions" to make, and how to make them, is the key.

In CatSpeak, Bash Dibra shows cat owners how to do the previously unthinkable: train their cats! Understanding feline body language, facial expressions, vocal signals, and the instinctive behaviors that make up CatSpeak, the unique language of cats, is vital to the endeavor. So are the three P's: patience, persistence, and praise. The author takes the reader step by step in forming a new, mutually satisfying human-feline relationship.

With easy-to-follow instructions and complete, up-to-the-minute information, CatSpeak provides everything you need to know to have a happy, healthy, well-mannered cat.

Bash Dibra is the internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist and trainer whose clients include Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Scorsese, Mariah Carey, Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin, Calvin Klein, and Mia Farrow. He is a recipient of a New York State Humane Association Award and a New York City Veterinary Medical Association Unsung Hero Award. He lives in Riverdale, New York.

Elizabeth Randolph is the author of more than a dozen books about bets and their care. She lives in suburban New York.

Dog Speak

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Item # DOGS-HC
Hard Cover

Item # DOGS-PB

Are you and your dog suffering from a failure to communicate?

Whether trying to command obedience, control a destructive habit, or teach simple good manners, all dog owners know the frustration of trying to communicate with man's best friend. DogSpeak will help every dog owner to become the undisputed Alpha leader of the pack by using the revolutionary DogSpeak technique to train dogs in their own language. It's the same revolutionary technique that has made Bash Dibra the most sought-after dog trainer in the world today and Dibra-trained dogs celebrities in their own right.

In DogSpeak, Bash shares with average dog owners the $300-an-hour secrets he offers famous clients such as Henry Kissinger, Matthew Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Drawing on his uncanny ability to think like a dog, Bash shows the reader how to transform the most intractable canine into a well-behaved, happy pet.

Using the genetic language of dog's ancestor, the wolf, Bash explains the Eight Central Factors of Pack Behavior, those hard-wired instincts that control every dog's behavior, from dominance and aggression to chase behavior, socialization, and vocalization. Working from an understanding of the wolf/dog heritage, Bash teaches dog owners how to interpret the clear and unmistakable signals that make up the basic grammar of DogSpeak, the language every dog understands, including:

  • Facial Expressions-Facial expressions clearly convey a dog's emotions, state of health, and intentions. Bash shows you how to interpret canine facial expressions, from the narrowing of the eyes to the wrinkling of the muzle, to know exactly what your dog is telling you and what unwanted tricks he may be about to try!
  • Body Language-Used as eloquently among dogs as by humans. Bash guides the reader to a complete understanding of the body stance and tail positions that state, "I'm top dog around here, don't mess with me!" or "I'm feeling low today," or "I'm ready for a run," and shows how to use that information to ward off aggression, correct bad habits, prevent potential illness, or simply develop a closer relationship with a pet.
  • Vocalizaion-Bash shows why dogs bark and when, and explains how each and every bark has its own clear meaning, from a deep-throated warning growl to the yip that says, "Let's play!" and how to prevent the unwanted barking that makes a pet a problem.

From basic training to graduation, Bash offers foolproof advice on selecting a dog, housebreaking a puppy, choosing a veterinarian, providing a proper diet, avoiding unwanted chewing and barking-even introducing a new baby to an "only dog." Filled with Bash's inimitable warmth and humor as well as fascinating facts about man's best friend, Dog Speak turns dog-training into a game that owner and dog alike will enjoy.

Mary Ann Crenshaw is a journalist, editor, and the bestselling author of "The Natural Way to Super Beauty" and other books. She lives in New York City.

Bash Dibra discovered his extraordinary ability to communicate with animals as a small child. While he and his family were interred in a Yugoslavian prison camp after escaping from communist Albania, Bash befriended vicious guard dogs, observing their canine signals and developing remarkable insight into their feelings and intentions. Years later, the unique task of training a young timber wolf for a film led Bash to a new understanding of canine thought processes and the development of his revolutionary training technique.

Dibra is now an internationally acclaimed dog trainer whose client list includes such high profile names as Martin Scorsese, Mariah Carey, Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin, Naomi Campbell, Calvin Klein, Mia Farrow, S.L. Newhouse, and Kathleen Turner, among others.

Bash is a member of the Bronx County Kennel Club, the Queensboro Kennel Club, and the Saw Mill Kennel Club, as well as the Animal Behavior Society, the ASPCA, Bide-a-Wee, the Humane Society of New York, and the New York State Humane Association, and is on the Board of Directors of New York S.A.V.E. (Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency). A recipient of the New York State Humane Association Award, 1995, and the New York City Veterinary Medical Association 1994 Unsung Hero Award, Bash lives in Riverdale, New York.

"Bash Dibra leads us through various and very often complex parts of the human-canine relationship and shows us not only how it can work, but how we can make it work."
-Roger Caras, President, ASPCA

"He doesn't train your dog; he trains you to train your dog by thinking like a dog."
-In Style

"Bash Dibra has such a cult following among Manhattan pet owners that he is known simply as Bash, like a rock star.... To clients like Alec Baldwin, he's 'top dog' among personal pet trainers."
-The New York Times

"High profile folks like Mariah Carey and Henry Kissinger rely on Bash, the trainer who can turn the most problematic pooch into a model canine."

"Anyone who can teach Spike anything should be sainted."
-Joan Rivers

"I think Bash Dibra was raised by wolves."
-Nancy Friday

"Bash Dibra is recognized as an authority and deservedly so."
-William J. Kay, DVM, Animal Medical Center

"There's nobody quite like Bash when it comes to dogs! Within a few weeks my two Bichons were behaving perfectly and trotting happily on their leashes."
-Barbara Taylor Bradford

"Bash not only trains dogs, but truly loves them. And they love him too."
-Sarah Jessica Parker

"Bash did a great job in training Sally, our Border Collie, and in return, she absolutely adores him. That, to me, seems like the best endorsement of his training philosophy."
-Matthew Broderick

Dog Training By Bash

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Item # DTBB-PB

Bash Dibra became a legend among animal trainers when he turned a wolf from the wild into a loyal, beautifully behaved animal capable of performing professionally. Today, Bash Dibra is the expert used by celebrity dog owners the world over, including Mia Farrow, Martin Scorsese, Carly Simon and La Toya Jackson. Now, in his warm, caring, and upbeat style, Bash has created a very special kind of training book, complete with instructional photographs, that will teach you his safe, proven way to make your own dog a wonderful, responsive, loving pet. You'll discover:

  • How to "think like a dog" and use that knowledge to work for you
  • Housebreaking and basic obedience
  • Special techniques for serious problems
  • Advanced on-leash and off-leash achievements

PLUS helpful tips on choosing the right dog to fit your personality and life-style.

Bashkim Dibra is a world-famous animal trainer. His dogs have appeared in dozens of television commercials, including the classic Chuck Wagon dog food ads, and in many movies. His celebrity clients include La Toya Jackson, Mia Farrow, Martin Scorsese, Carly Simon, William Paley, Andy Warhol, and Henry Kissinger. He lives in New York City.

Elizabeth Randolph is a pet care columnist/editor for Family Circle magazine and has written numerous books on pet care. She makes her home in Mamaroneck, New York.

The Bash Dibra Collection

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Book Book Book

A collection of one of each of Bash's books in paperback ( except for Your Dream Dog which is currently only available in Hard Cover ) and the Teach Your Dog To Behave Video.

All Books Are Personally Autographed By Bash Dibra

Item # ALL-BK

Star Pet T-Shirt

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Show the world you have a Star Pet by buying a Star Pet T-shirt!

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Star Pet Cap

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The Star Pet Cap! Direct embroidered, quality cotton cap good for any season!

Item # SP-CAP

Paws Across America T-Shirt

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Help support Bash's Paws Across America campaign
by buying a fine Fruit-of-the-Loom 100% cotton T-shirt!
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